Color Management and ICC Profiles

Find here information regarding color management of your images and the use of ICC  profiles.


Color management is the controlled conversion between the color representations of various devices, such as image scannersdigital cameras, monitors, TV screens, film printers, computer printers, offset presses, etc... Basically, Color management is necessary to control the color of our Art works or photographs from the start to avoid later surprises when Giclee printing.





Everytime we shoot our digital camera, information is stored in a combination of value percentages of primary colors: red, green and blue and stored for example in one of the formats most commonly used RGB.


The problem we later find is that RGB format, does not define correctly the color values so when passing our images to other digital devices such as screens, workspaces or printers, we have lost the original photograph color tones. The solution to this problem is installing generic ICC profiles. Thanks to them the colors will achieve the same appearance on all of these devices, provided the devices are capable of delivering the needed color intensities.







ICC profiles are mainly divided into: Input Profiles for scanner or digital cameras , screen Monitor Profiles (work environment, post-production) and Print Profiles for printing equipment..



Scanner or Digital Cameras Input Profiles

ICC profiles are already incorporated within the camera's internal program or RAW,  but advanced photographers can create personalized profiles. For this purpose, we will need a color chart and profile creator software. If the camera allows to choose capturing mode go for the RAW mode and process the image with the color of the selected RAW program space.




RAW files does not contain color information, we need to convert them into an output format such as TIFF or JPG. To do so we will use RAW converter software, which will generate and read accordingly the data and RGB values of our photography.


Screen Monitor Profiles

The purpose of ICC monitor profiles is to be able to transform correctly RGB format in the editing software and the operating system so the image will be correctly displayed on our screen. To do so we will need a hardware device and screen calibration software.


If requested, we can send you the ICC profile of your chosen printing paper, you should install it on your computer assigning it  to the document with which you are working. This way you'll be monitoring at all times how your work will look when printed with our system pigmented inks. We have generated the right ICC profiles for the media and material we work with.

Download ICC Profiles


It is important that we have a suitably calibrated screen for photography and to ensure that it correctly interprets the color values, and also ensured that with the adjustments we can make correct and accurate color reproductions; so we need to use a colorimeter to obtain color accuracy , brightness and contrast on all our images.


After configuring and calibrating our screen, you have to configure your Photoshop workspace correctly, in order to obtain color profiles suitable for subsequent and correct printing of the photographs.



Most commonly used color spaces are:
For photographs from popular consumer digital cameras, scanners and Web, mode sRGB (sRGB IEC61966-2.1)
For photographs from professional digital cameras, Adobe RGB (1998) 
Printers or printers use the CMYK or RGB mode.


AdobeRGB or sRGB color spaces allow modifying and adjusting the images so they can be correctly displayed on other devices. It is extremely important that the color spaces you work with contain all the colors that your screen and printer are able to display.

Standard Color Temperature is recommended meaning that a reference of whites will be established on our screen to 5000 k (also known as D50).  This color standard temperature is used in the graphic arts industry. Some artists, designers dislike it because they feel that it is too yellow and opt to set it to 6500 K (D65).


Output Profiles or Print Profiles

These ICC profiles allow Photoshop to recognize screen colors so they will be faithfully reproduced. Therefore, it is necessary to use a spectrophotometer as hardware, a profile creation software coupled with a good system of color calibration and a printing software.




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