How can I buy at

What is my photos recommended quality?

How can I enlarge my photograph for Mural printing?

How do I send my photos?

Do I have to register?

How can I make a gift?



What are the delivery costs and times?

What happens if I am not at the given address to accept delivery?



What is the returns and refunds policy?



How can I pay?



I can't find what I want, can I make a special request?



What happen to my photos once my order has been delivered?

How is my privacy and confidentiality guaranteed?

How to prevent fraud?


How can I buy at

IndieColors can only sell its products to adults of legal age.

At, we strive to offer excellent service and quality, highlighted by the safety payments, total privacy, in time home delivery guaranteed following your shipping options. We also provide an exquisite gift wrapping service and a replacement or money-back guarantee if any error accountable to us may arise. If so, inform us within the period of 2 working days following the delivery of the order.Find out more about our returns policy.

If you are an image professional, artist or photographer visit Giclee Printing services to find out more about what we can do for you.

Buying is a simple process, just follow the steps to make it quick and enjoyable. 










Bartidor de madera de pino

2. CHOOSE THE DESIRED CUSTOMIZATION, sizes, paper type or finish...We can print your photographs, artworks, or custom art prints on photo papers, canvases or Fine art papers.



Modos de envío en

3. DELIVERY. Find out more about our deliveries. Easy and secure payment.







Find products by using the categories on the menus where you will find all items classified by sections and families.

We took special care to make the buying process pleasurable for you. It was important for us thar you can enlarge pictures to view more details, read about all features, sizes, finishes, opinions and of course, reviews of our customers and the prices. Add your product to the shopping cart by entering the desired units and directly click on the "Add to cart" icon

Once all desired products added to the shopping cart, enter your customer details and delivery address, select the desired payment option and make sure all your details are correct and confirm your order. You will receive your items following your delivery preferences.


Prices listed at website include VAT, add also delivery costs to get the final price.


What is my photos recommended quality?

The photographs that you submit must meet a few quality recommendations, so our artists would be able to proceed their creation process or our photo lab its specialized printing process, with best results guaranteed.

For a higher printing quality, we suggest you to send us your picture in the highest possible resolution , the higher the resolution the more clarity in the final print.

However, our team of professionals analyses all received pictures prior to start working. If any problem is observed we would get in contact with you as soon as possible.

Be aware that if you choose canvas printing on stretcher,  the edges of your picture will also be printed with your photograph image, logically your picture will lose part of the picture. Trust us, our artistic team will work on your photo in order for this loss to be minimal.


How do I send my photos?

Here are the different options you have for sending files and photos:


Through our web

You can attach your picture on our website of during the process of selecting all characteristics of your order, attach only one photograph up to 18MB. Allowed files JPG, GIF o BMP.

If you do not want to attach your photo when purchasing, or you want to send more than one picture you have the following alternatives:

By e-mail

Contact us and we will give you the email to send your photos. You must provide us with your order number and the name used when registering at

By Wetransfer or our FTP

For larger files, you can send us your pictures through services such as Wetransfer.

*** One your files containing your images are received, you will receive an e-mail with the confirmation. Do not forget to tell us your order number and the registered name at


Do I have to register?

At you can browse all over the website without being registered.

Registration is needed for purchasing or accessing to specific services and interesting information that we offer you as:

Our latest news directly into your email to keep in touch, to listen your opinions, to keep you informed with the latest trends and of course, to enjoy our discounts, special offers and codes promotional to reward your loyalty.

  • 1. Online tracking of your orders
  • 2. Discount coupons
  • 3. Promotional offers
  • 4. Latest

How can I make a gift?

Add the chosen product to the cart and choose the tab "gift". Also, if you desired, give us a text you want to be read at the gift card included in your gift, you can also, get it in an exquisite gift wrapping fot only €2 more.

When it comes to confirm the delivery address you can modify the registry address given when registering, so the invoce will get to your address and the gift to any address selected.


What are the delivery costs and times?

All our works, are packed with utmost care and previously protected with acid-free tissue paper so that they remain in excellent condition without any friction.

They are sent according to size, in flat format or rolled up in specially designed shipping tubes.

Canvases on stretcher, they are sent flat having its perimeter fully protected .

International delivery services

Shipping costs vary depending on the product, the country of dispatch and messaging, these prices are automatically released when you enter the destination shipping.

* Free shipping costs for orders over 125 in Mainland Spain.

In this link you will find more information: SHIPPING RATES


What happens if I am not at the given address to accept delivery?

If you are not in the given address, the courier company will leave you a note and will contact you to agree a new delivery schedule.



What is the returns and refunds policy?

We commit ourselves to fully replace your order when there is a fault in its manufacture in the case of customized products (delivery charges will be assume by us), or if prefered, a money back garantee for the rest of products.

On the other hand, if upon receiving your order, you realize that the package has been damaged, reject it and record the accident in writing so the carrier is warned. If you realize later, please contact us as soon as possible.

You have 2 business days from the delivery of your order, to communicate any anomaly and must indicate your name and surname, as well as the reference number of your order

For returns you must keep the original packaging.

In the case of our custom products, you will receive an e-mail with a sample of the final appearance of the product so you would be asked for acceptance and approval of the final purchase. This way will there will be no surprises when you receive your order, since that are unique and custom orders are not returnable.

Non-customized products can be returned within the first 5 days after reception. If you decide to send it back contact us explaining the cause of your return. In this case, we will process your refund once the product has been sent back in the same original packaging.


How can I pay?

We have to payment methods available

  • Major credit cards through PayPaL.
  • And by bank transfer.
  • Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin...

If you choose to pay by transfer, once finished the ordering process, we will send you an e-mail with the bank details where to make payment. When the transfer has being ordered send us notice so we can speed up the creation and delivery arrangements.

Important notice: Make the order number very clear in your transfer order. If you fail to do so the process can be delay for days.

For your own security, when ordering over €300 we may ask you to send us a photocopy of your credit card and your ID (if appliable). guarantees secure payment for all transactions and will never have access to your credit card details. As payment methods, we work with PayPal:

PayPal is the quickiest and more secure online payment system.
You can easily pay your purchases with debit card, credit card or bank account through PayPal.

  • PayPal is safe: PayPal securely stores your financial information and protect it with security and market leading fraud-prevention systems. Even more, your financial details will never be share with the seller.
  • PayPal is fast and easy: you will not have to enter the details of your card or bank account to pay. You will need only your e-mail address and a password.
  • PayPal is flexible: you choose how to pay: debit card, credit card or bank account.



I can't find what I want, can I make a special request?

Yes, send us an email with what you have in mind and we will contact you to give you a quote.



What happen to my photos once my order has been delivered?

If you send us original photos on paper, they will be delivered with your order or to your chosen address. If you send us an electronic file, it will be deleted 60 days after the delivery of your order.

How is my privacy and confidentiality guaranteed?

At we have a secure server for the safety of all data received in the registration and purchase processes. Personal information given as contact, delivery address and payment method, will be added to our database and used only for processing orders and offering news, offers, or promotions that might be of your interest. guarantees the confidentiality of the data provided by our clients and will not disclosed them to third parties, if not authorized to do so. More information on our Privacy policy

If you wish to unsubscribe from electronic communications contact us.

How to prevent fraud?

To protect your information online, keep always in mind security measures. We want to inform you of some of our practices and help you preventing you some scams that could affect you or your computer.


Phishing are e-mails or web pages that impersonate the image of a company requesting personal information, bank account numbers and credit cards or passwords. These e-mails and websites are false.

You must know:

  • will NEVER send you an e-mail to verify your credit card number, or ask for passwords.
  • Only credit card information is needed when you complete your order and choose the Paypal payment system. will never have access to your credit card data, is Paypal who acts as an intermediary between the parties, being the only partie storing your financial information.
  • If you receive an e-mail that appears to be from requesting information from your credit card, your password account or personal information in exchange of a IndieColors gift card be sure that it will never be from us. NEVER give your card or your password information.

Help us to combat this type of fraud by forwarding us this malicious contact us by email without modifying the subject of the e-Mail.

Malicious software

You should know that will never download any malicious software on your computer.

This malware can be:

  • Redirect your computer to other Web sites without your consent.
  • Recognize when you are in a buying process and redirect your page to other web site information.

Open pop-up ads offering Gift Cards, requesting other personal information or credit card numbers. NEVER requests information from credit cards in any part of the web. You should only submit your financial data when you enter Paypal.


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