Giclee printing. Valuable information about resolution, formats and sizes                   

To calculate the size of your final online Giclee Prints, it is very important to distinguish between the resolution, size and format of your images or photographs.





The size of digital photos is measured in pixels. Every photograph, in digital form, is made up of pixels. They are the smallest unit of information that makes up a picture.

The size is made up by the number of pixels high by wide in the image.








In photography, resolution is all about the ability of the camera to capture as much detail as possible.`

There is difference between resolution and pixel. Pixel, as we know, is a unit of digital image and the resolution depends upon the size of pixel. So, resolution is the quality of an image regardless of its size.

Resolution is measured in pp. (pixels or dots x inch), every inch equals 25.4 mm.

With this information we can determine that the resolution determines the quality of our digital image, the higher the resolution pp. the more image quality.

If we increase the size of our image digitally, we will lose resolution, on the other hand if we reduce its size, we will gain in resolution and and more clear will be the object in image.

For a higher printing quality, we suggest you to send us your picture in the highest possible resolution. The higher the resolution more clarity in the final print.

When selecting Fine Art papers, we must bear in mind the resolution accepted by our chosen printing paper, since not all papers accept the same amount of resolution. Usually from 150pp. upwards.





These two aspects are very linked. The image compression will depend on the output format in which we save our photography. Always choose the format that compress less the images as TIF format, for example.





If you know already the format, resolution, and size to print the photo, and observe that you need more size or resolution to print your image in a larger size, we can help you with interpolation. This mathematical function creates and invents new pixels based on the information available around.





Photoshop, to enlarge or reduce a picture, necessarily interpolates. There are five options for interpolation with very different results (should be investigated), but be very careful if you are looking for a FineArt result.

Interpolation can lead to lose detail, but it will contain the required pixels so that printing can be displayed in a continuous tone, even if you want to enlarge the original photograph. But to certain extent, the image might appear to be blurred, with some undesirable "noise" . Professionals use in these cases the unsharp mask, in Photoshop CS5 64Bits can give really good results.

There are quite a few options (programs, plug-ins) to enlarge an image with acceptable results: Blow Up, PhotoZoom or Perfect Resize 7, among others. But do not expect magic.

Si se opta por utilizar un plugin Nosotros nos inclinamos preferiblemente por Perfect Resize 7. Permite escalar las imagenes hasta el 1000% sin perdida de calidad (eso asegura el fabricante). La versión Pro, soporta CMYK. Perfect Resize 7 consigue una buena integración con Adobe Photoshop y sin ser un método infalible (los ojos en un retrato se pueden resentir), es una de las mejores herramientas para interpolar imágenes existentes en la actualidad.

If you choose to use a plugin we would choose Perfect Resize 7. According to the manufacturer it will allow you to scale images up to 1000% without quality loss.

We tried it, we interpolated a piece of digital art from (100x100cm. 300 pp) to (600x600pp. 150pp) and the result is was shocking.  Also, the Pro version supports CMYK. Perfect Resize 7 Gets a good integration with Adobe Photoshop and without being a foolproof (the eyes in a portrait can suffer some damage) is one of the best tools to interpolate images these days.


These tables are indicative. Made from a basic minimum resolution of 150 pp.

If you need help, contact us and we will happily help you out.






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