Professional Giclee Printing. Highest Quality on Giclee Reproductions

Our printing technique specialises in producing Giclee reproductions on Fine Art papers that widely exceed those produced in professional photographic laboratories: our blacks are more deep, our colors more vivid and achieving even more durability.






The color management processes aim exclusively at Fine Art Giclee reproductions that together with the State of the Art HPZ3200 printing equipment, HP Vivera pigmented inks, ICC profiles and a wide choice of Fine Art papers, will ensure unmatched photographic quality with a warranty of durability given by the manufacturer exceding 200 years in optimal conditions of conservation.


Our printing system has the ability to adjust itself and generate a different RGB ICC profile for each one of the papers or media chosen for the printing.

These profiles describe the color behavior and perform different measurements for each one of the roles or media chosen for the printing.

Download ICC Profiles






Our printing system revolutionizes the professional color management using a State of the Art built-in spectrophotometer for correct color calibration and profiles creation.


In the same way that white light is divides in the Rainbow colours of of Newton's prism, the spectrophotometer is a precision instrument that determines the composition of exact reflected light, it sectiones light reflected in the wavelength different components, measuring the strength of each component.


This spectrophotometer allows us to automatically generate customized ICC profiles for the different types of printing media and the possibility of repeating at different times, any printing with less than fifty percent of error of color than other Designjets, under any environmental condition and even on unknown paper types or without manufacturer profile.

The built-in mosaic of calibration, protected by the automatic shutter, faithfully guarantee us reliable measurements that strictly comply with the international standards.






Integrated in the  HPColor Center profile software creator are the printing device, the color images channel and a professional quality spectrophotometer powered by GretagMacbeth color i1. This allows the calibration and profiling processes to have direct access to the writing system, providing inks level precise control and color separations for each patch of printed color .

This automatic measuring process eliminates the handling of test prints providing exact drying times that can be repeated.

This software provides fast measurements with the spectrophotometer accurate electromechanical placement on the patch of color.

This system provides unprecedented effectiveness equaling or even exceeding the performance of manual offline profiling systems, slower and more expensive.






Color calibration allows the printing device to produce  consistent colors using its printheads, with the inks and selected type of paper or media , all being analyzed under particular environmental conditions.


After making a good color calibration identical prints on two different printers located in different locations can be obtained.


This calibration is perform whenever there is the need to replace a printhead, whenever we incorporate a new paper or media, every certain volume of impressions and even when atmospheric temperature and moisture conditions change significantly.


To perform a calibration process it is necessary to print a calibration test diagram containing patches of each ink on the printer.


Once dry, depending on the paper and being the colours stabilized , the spectrophotometer measures and scans this diagram; with the results of these data and measurements, the printing equipment calculates all necessary correction factors that should be applied for accurate color printing, reliable and of excellent quality.





For a comprehensive service and quality, the results must be predictable and reliable. This is essential for a professional job.

Printing results must be reliable and predictable with an efficient color key.

We offer prints that meet expectations of neutral grays and suitable colors for the selected paper.

Prints must be made consistently in any print job or any printer. The reliability with which we work ensures that all prints are free from printing quality defects and ready to send to the client, in the agreed delivery times.

Our technical printing equipment have hardware and drives advanced features to ensure predictable and reliable results, offering significant improvements in efficiency and color management control.





Our printing system has several quality options. High quality printing requires some loss of speed, while quickest printing implies some quality reduction.

These controls allow us to activate a maximum detail print mode,  improving notably the quality and clarity of the final printing. This system requires work files containing higher resolution than the resolution necessary for processing.





All color management aims to reproduce colours as accurately as possible on all devices, so when printing an image this has reliable colors to those of the original image file.

There are only two areas of color that the printer can convert to its own color space using the stored profiles: Adobe RGB and sRGB if you work on Windows; Adobe RGB if working Mac OS. In addition, you can use ColorSync.





If we have an Adobe RGB image that we want to print from Photoshop, there are three ways to do it. The recommended way is to perform the print through the Control of Color in Adobe Photoshop. This way, color management options can be synchronized automatically between Photoshop and the controller.


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